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April 2010 Newsletter

Koingo Software is incredibly proud to announce the immediate availability of MacPilot 4 and Librarian Pro 2! Upgrades are free for owners of the Utility Package or buyers within the past six months. For all others, the upgrade option is only $9.95.

Sporting numerous user interface enhancements, 91 all-new features, the main highlight of MacPilot 4 is the ability to create save points. Easily save the system state and restore later with only a few clicks! It is ideal for network administrators who wish to deploy a series of settings across multiple computers. MacPilot also has 300 more features than its closest competitor. View the full comparison chart on our web site! New to MacPilot? Download the free 15-day trial and give it a whirl.

Librarian Pro has gone from a personal home inventory solution to an advanced tool for any rental business! With the new-in-2.0 borrowing system, track late fees, borrowing history, and manage multiple copies of the same item. Coming soon in a free update for 2.0 users, is a completely revamped product gallery view mode where items appear on a bookshelf. Librarian Pro also comes with a free 15-day trial, but is available for Windows as well as Mac OS X.

View the complete list of changes for both products by visiting their page on our web site, and clicking the "Release Notes" link on the left.

Important Upgrade Notes
Only Utility Package owners will have the new free licenses automatically appended to their accounts. All other users who wish to upgrade for free (if eligible), or pay to upgrade their license, can do so at the upgrades section of our web store. The form will either automatically grant a free license, or redirect to a payment page.

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