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    Career Lottery
    Version 1.0
    Compete to achieve success in life while sabotaging other players along the way. Choose from one of four exciting career ladders, and brace for a highly competitive evening of strategy.
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Strategy Engaged

Compete with friends in this ULTIMATE and FREE new "print at home" strategy board game. Grab a job at Alex's Autos, Multinational, Inc., the Research Lab, or the ever popular Matrix Nightclub and begin climbing the career ladder to ultimate success.

Achieve points in six categories: Career, Social, Material Wealth, Finance, Fitness, and Family. First player to 125 of the possible 150 points wins at life! Feeling lazy and want a professional copy of the game? Order a hard copy of the game from us directly!

Some themes and concepts in this game may only be suitable for adult audiences and are guaranteed to offend others. Parental discretion is advised. Inappropriate Lottery and Anarchy Cards can be permanently removed from the game without causing any negative effects on gameplay.
Predominantly positive effects that dish out free cash, inventory items, or bonus points, these cards can also cause devastating situations such as getting mugged and losing all of the money in your wallet!
Make a "Deal with the Mob" and ensure your victory by stealing items and money, seducing and stealing partners, sabotaging the stock market, swapping career ladders, and evening poisoning players.

Real-Life Scenarios

Take classes and get a masters degree. Find a partner and get married. Have children. Go on family vacations. Host house parties. Hit the gym or enjoy the great outdoors. Attend classes. Lose your job due to economic depression. Get fired from work for causing workplace drama. Invent your own wine. Adopt another player's children.

Once you're rolling in dough, start decking out your home and accumulate Material Wealth points by buying items like air hockey tables, dirt bikes, gaming systems, kite boarding gear, and more to fast track your character to the win!

Unique Gameplay

Hard Copy (Paid) Version

Includes everything required to get rolling!

Anarchy Cards

30 Anarchy Cards printed on card stock

Lottery Cards

90 Lottery Cards printed on card stock

Character Profile

4 Character Profile sheets printed on card stock and laminated

Career List

Each career ladder printed out on card stock, laminated, and cut out separately.

Game Board

One large circular laminated 24x24 inch game-board.


One of the Rulebook printed on normal paper hole-punched in a Duo-Tang.

Home Essentials

One copy of the Home Essentials page printed on laminated card stock.


Full set of play money.

Game Pieces

4 game pieces.


One die.


4 dry erase markers.

Download (Free) Version

Items not included that must be purchased from your local dollar store: 4 gameplay pieces, one die, play money in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $500 or $1000, dry erase markers.

Anarchy Cards

2 pages (30 cards) of Anarchy Cards which need to be printed out of 100 lb card stock and cut out into individual cards

Lottery Cards

6 pages (90 cards) of Lottery Cards which need to be printed out of 100 lb card stock and cut out into individual cards.

Character Profile

Character profile page which should be printed with 4 copies on card stock and laminated.

Career List

Career list sheet which should be printed on card stock, laminated, and then cut out into 4 sections.

Game Board

One large 24x24 inch game-board which should be laminated and cut out in a circle.


One to four copies of the game Rulebook printed on normal paper and stapled together or hole-punched and put in a Duo-Tang.

Home Essentials

One copy of the Home Essentials page printed on card stock, preferably laminated.

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