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Koingo for Life

With our extensive product line, we offer numerous solutions throughout various industries, professions, and day-to-day activities. We also understand not everyone can afford to purchase individual licenses for every software title on their machine.

The Koingo Software Utility Package combines the value of our feature-rich applications into one single affordable solution. Every desktop Koingo app created since the beginning of time is included, as well as free LIFETIME upgrades and any new desktop apps we release in the future. Licenses are valid for both the macOS and Windows versions (if available). Mobile versions not included.

What's Included

  • AirRadar 6 Current
  • Alarm Clock Pro 13 Current
  • Data Guardian 6 Current
  • Display Maestro 4 Current
  • Librarian Pro 6 Current
  • MacCleanse 9 Current
  • MacMagic Current
  • MacPilot 12 Current
  • Mystery Island II Current
  • Pandora's Pests Current

Discontinued Freebies

  • Amnesia Discontinued
  • AppBolish Discontinued
  • Blaze Discontinued
  • BOOM Level Editor Discontinued
  • Christmas Crisis Discontinued
  • Christmas Super Frog Discontinued
  • Contact Keeper Discontinued
  • Digital Sentry Discontinued
  • DigiTweak Discontinued
  • E-Mail Commander Discontinued
  • File Sheriff Discontinued
  • Font Pilot Discontinued
  • Gallery Designer Discontinued
  • Image Smith 2 Discontinued
  • Koingo Legacy Apps Discontinued
  • MacPilot Lite Discontinued
  • Mystery Island Discontinued
  • Password Retriever Discontinued
  • Project Canvas Discontinued
  • PTE Discontinued
  • RoboPostman Discontinued
  • Slideshow Magic 5 Discontinued
  • Swift Share 2 Discontinued
  • Theme Song Trivia Discontinued
  • Window Magician Discontinued
Retail Price (Over 5 Years)
Bundle Price (Lifetime)

All of our products come with a full set of licensing options: from single users and households to small businesses and larger corporations.

Personal Licenses


  • 1 computer
    2 unique activations per year


  • 1 household
    10 unique activations per year

Business Licenses


  • 1 school
    300 unique activations per year


  • Unlimited
    10000 unique activations per year