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Table of Contents

  1. Cheats
    1. Command Codes
    2. Walkthrough
  2. General
    1. Game Play Notes


Command Codes

Press "c" key: Type the Vortex shutdown code in.
Press "v" key: Get all items.
Press "1" key: Get item: Hammer
Press "2" key: Get item: City Map
Press "3" key: Get item: Filled Mug
Press "4" key: Get item: Loaded Gun
Press "5" key: Get item: Melchite
Press "6" key: Get item: Key Card
Press "7" key: Get item: Alien Device (replaces City Map)
Press "+" key: Increase text speech speed.
Press "-" key: Decrease text speech speed.


Written by Al Ross.

Enough scenery, time to get started. Pick up the hammer on the ground of the first scene. Make sure you have this, as it will be very important later in the game. Now, turn left, and you should see a strange white dome... Try to click on it, and see if you can reach what's inside. Alas, you cannot gain entry at this time. Look around and see if you can find something to get you inside...

From here, to the right you should find a small cave. Enter the cave and pick up the odd-looking alien device on the ground. Now, try returning to the dome, and see if something happens...

Success! The device has allowed you passage through the dome to the inside, where you find several ancient buildings. Take a look inside the closest one to your right, and you will find what almost appears to be a kitchen of some kind.

Inside the kitchen, pick up the mug and fill it with water by making use of the panel on the back wall. This will become useful later on. From here, exit the kitchen and try the building directly in front of you. Once inside, you should see a computer console of some kind. Click on it and see if you can access its database.

Once you have all the information you need, retrace your steps back outside, and take a look in the building to your left. Here you will find several crates of unknown cargo. In the back, you'll see a crate taller than the rest. Click on it to push it out of your way, and you'll find yourself transported to the Power Station control shutdown room.

Explore the room until you come across another computer console. Access it and enter the code you found on the first console. You'll now find yourself inside a cave... Look around a bit and grab the gun and ammunition, then head for the green door.

You'll find yourself, behind an alien, inside an odd room. Walk up to him and talk to him. After the chat turns sour, and you find yourself under attack by the alien, click on the gun in your inventory...

Now that you've taken care of the pesky extraterrestrial, it's time to swallow your fear and jump into the portal in front of you. After something of a slide through space, you'll exit the portal in a swampy, ooze filled area. Rather than sticking around to investigate the green slime, head left and start your jaunt through the desert...

Starting from the first desert scene, continue heading north until you find some mysterious rubble partly covered by the sand. You should have noticed by now that this desert isn't doing your health any favours, so take a sip from the filled mug you swiped back on the island. Once your back on your feet, continue north.

You should now see the end of the desert path, surrounded by an ocean. Here you'll find more of the rubble, as well as an arch standing on the edge of the cliff. Inside the arch is another portal, so with nowhere else to turn, take your chances and jump in.

Now, you'll find yourself before a fountain in what looks like a town or city, and before another alien. Try to suppress your trigger finger for now, and talk to the strangely peaceful looking alien. He'll proceed to clue you into some interesting tidbits of information.

After the discussion ends, you will be presented with a map of the town. Explore around the various areas, or head directly to the library, where you will find another computer console loaded with useful information about the aliens, your surroundings, and even some local news. Once you have all you need, exit the library and check out the Auto Shop.

Look around for a bit, and you'll find a vehicle inside the shop, apparently under repair. Click underneath it and attempt to fix the engine by pressing the correct order of buttons (126314, the top left button being 1, the numbers progress in a counterclockwise motion, therefore the top right button will be 6).

With the engine repaired, slide yourself out from underneath the craft and hop into the driver's seat. After quickly mastering the controls, you'll find yourself just outside an alien base of some sort. Take a look around, but do not attempt anything until you've taken the security bots out of commission with your trusty hammer.

Once you've taken care of the guards, try to enter the building... Until you realize that the door is blocked by a small metallic clip. Recalling the information you read at the library concerning Melchite, a corrosive compound, return to the town and look for some inside the Greenhouse or Science Lab (it is green).

Now that you have obtained the Melchite, head back to the base and use it on the door. You should now have access to the building, so enter and look around. Once inside, try to enter the door in front of you...

No such luck, the room is occupied. However, if you can somehow cause a diversion, you may be able to have the place to yourself so you can better explore. To that end, turn right and enter the electrical room. Inside, you should see a machine at the back of the room. Look familiar? It should. Click on the appropriate button to switch off the building's power (see Library Consoles). The aliens will scramble outside in preparation for an attack. This is your chance to take a look around.

Exit the electrical room, and look inside the room you tried to enter previously. Examine this area carefully, you'll note a security key card on the table. Grab it, you'll need this later on.

Now, leave the room and return to the lobby. However, do not exit the building itself, as that will surely mean instant death. Take a left turn and head up the stairs. To your right is a security room, which is of no real importance, but contains a few monitors which seem to indicate that areas you've already explored have been under surveillance.

To the left is your real goal, the alien portal control room. Quickly, you must kill the guards! Slowly click twice on your weapon, and then take over the controls from your dispatched enemies. Access the computer terminal, swipe your key card, and follow the sequence of events to victory.


Game Play Notes
  • You will never have to use your keyboard. All actions in this game are done via mouse clicks. Most keys are reserved for those who require 'Cheats' to pass this game, however the arrow keys turn you left and right.
  • Places that make it appear that you must use the numeric keypad are, in fact, operated via mouse by clicking on objects on the screen.
  • Always make sure you have EVERYTHING that you can pick up on a screen. You may need it later on in the game
  • Items that are clickable do not change the cursors icon (this makes the game more challenging).
  • Use your compass at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. It's an invaluable tool to keep yourself orientated.
  • If it is possible, you can click on certain parts of the screen to move there.
  • Be careful when encountering an alien! They might just kill you on the spot!
  • To use an item in your inventory, simply click on it. If it's not usable in that point in the game, or at that scene, it simply won't work.
  • If you try to turn left or right in certain scenes and there's nothing left to see, you'll be taken outside the building.
  • You can't just pop back to your city map by clicking on it in your inventory, you must first exit the structure you're in.
  • Single click always.
  • Always read the informational screens as they're essential to your understanding of the game.