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    Librarian Pro 7
    Version 7.0.6
    It is difficult to sort through all of your books, movies, music, and so forth to see which ones you have on file, or to find where you last shelved a particular one. Librarian Pro is a complete personal inventory system!
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Designed for Collectors

We all collect something, whether it's stamps, movies, games, music, books or wine. Librarian Pro brings sophistication and class to managing your collection! Browse all of your items at a glance on a virtual bookshelf, in a list, or in cover flow.

Item artwork and information is easily and automatically downloaded from the web. Even track which items you have lent out to friends; or, for small businesses, go as far as recording late fees and due dates.

This system keeps track of all previous data you've entered and will offer suggestions as you type!
View a summary of all of your library items at once. Viewing charts that outline the total value of items in your library, genres, actors, musicians, and literally any other value you've entered!
With as little as a barcode or item title, Librarian Pro can scour the web and find all matching items and fill in the missing details. From cover artwork to the list of tracks on an album or even the full list of cast in a movie.

Complete Inventory Control

If you are managing a full inventory of items for sale on eBay, or using Librarian Pro to track which friend borrowed which movies, the power-user features in Librarian Pro will make your life a breeze.

Taking full advantage of optical recognition technology, use your web cam or physical barcode scanner to add items to your library or manage inventory. Mark items as lent out to specific users, track in your computer's calendar, automatically send e-mails or display alerts. Even manage late fees and due dates.

Other Highlights


View a summary of all items in your library to compare prices and more.

Web Auto-fill

Integrates with numerous web sites to automatically download item information.

Multi-Database Support

Create an unlimited number of separate databases.

Smart Collections

Automatically sort items by specific criteria.


Track item lending and charge late fees.


Export to the web and a variety of other formats.


Import from text, CSV, iTunes, 'pedias, Delicious Library and more!


View as a list, as a bookshelf, or in cover flow mode.

Duplicate Filter

Easily isolate and display duplicate items.


Fill in countless details about items ranging from tracks on an album to the illustrator for a book.

Sales Tracking

Record detailed purchase and sale information for items, such as purchase location, price, original value, used value, item URL, AND MORE.


Write internal reviews.

Barcode Scanning

Use your web cam or physical barcode scanner to add items or update inventory.


One database works on both Mac and PC.


Track lent out items in macOS' Calendar app and send reminder e-mails or display alerts.


Auto-complete helps speed data entry by remembering entires for other items.

For the full or trial version of our app, please use the download links below. After installation, the trial will automatically begin. For users owning a valid license, unlock the software via the "Unlock Product..." menu item if necessary.

Current Version

Older Versions

These versions are no longer supported and are listed primarily for customers owning older licenses.

Name Version Size Date Platform Minimum OS Download
Librarian Pro 6.0.7 70.05 MB March 25, 2021 PC Windows 7 Download
Librarian Pro 6.0.7 51.79 MB March 25, 2021 Mac macOS 10.14 Download
Librarian Pro 5.1.4 45.63 MB May 25, 2020 PC Windows 7 SP1 Download
Librarian Pro 5.1.4 31.12 MB May 25, 2020 Mac macOS 10.13 Download
Librarian Pro 4.0.9 41.40 MB March 21, 2019 PC Windows 7 SP1 or later Download
Librarian Pro 4.0.9 32.04 MB March 21, 2019 Mac Mac OS X 10.10 or later Download
Librarian Pro 3.3.2 39.84 MB April 17, 2018 PC Windows 7 SP1 Download
Librarian Pro 3.3.2 37.78 MB April 17, 2018 Mac Mac OS 10.10 Download
Librarian Pro 3.2.2 35.43 MB November 13, 2016 PC Windows XP Download
Librarian Pro 3.2.2 30.40 MB November 13, 2016 Mac Mac OS 10.7 Download
  Final release that will work on Mac OS X 10.7.
Librarian Pro 3.0.5 26.36 MB January 24, 2014 Mac Mac OS 10.6 (Intel) Download
  Final release that will work on Mac OS X 10.6.
Librarian Pro 2.2.6 17.86 MB January 10, 2013 Mac Mac OS 10.6 (Intel) Download
Librarian Pro 2.2.5 22.89 MB December 27, 2012 PC Windows 2000/XP Download
Librarian Pro 2.2.1 14.76 MB September 7, 2012 PC Windows 2000/XP Download
Librarian Pro 2.2.1 19.58 MB September 7, 2012 Mac Mac OS 10.4 (PPC/Intel) Download

Share Your Story...

You can use this app for anything, not just movies and books! I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the dynamics of this app and all the possibilities that came with it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I'm glad I do now. I won't be using anything else for as long as I live.

Bary Dickins

I have thousands of books and hundreds of DVDs and can't remember what I have so need some way to catalog these so I'm hoping this will do it. I have started but have a long way to go. I wish I could import items from the web but I have to copy each bit of info so t takes a long time to do one item. And I can't get the date parts to work. But so far I like the program.

Fred Johnson

Very good product, easy and versatile.

Bernard Saint-Geours

Beautiful, incredibly user-friendly interface. Does everything that other home inventory apps do and then some. I don't feel any need at all to search for an alternative to compare to like I have before with other apps. I believe I've reached the end of the road here after finding this one and the view is breathtaking. Highly, highly recommended.

Marie Jenkins

I have a substantial collection of books, videos, DVD's & comics so I needed to be able to organise it well. Especially as I would often buy books that I already had! Lib Pro allows me to do this. I do like the feature where I can have the picture of my book included. Suggestions: - I do hate the company Amazon but I understand the search function linking to them. It would be great if the search function accessed publisher's records. - would be great if I could access it via my iPhone then I wouldn't have to lug my laptop around everywhere. - I cannot figure out how to add a comic category to the tool bar - 'item' - drop down list., Any comics I add are just listed in the book category.

Michael Hall

First, let me tell you how invaluable Librarian Pro is to me! I have been a volunteer for an incredible organization called Bookshare for probably about seven years now. I was introduced to it way back in 2004 when my daughter, Cindy, who had cerebral palsy wanted to be able to read books independently. We had lots of books in our house, but no way for her to see a list. Later, the reading bug hit our younger daughter, Nichole, and by then my husband and I were full-fledged volunteers scanning an and proofreading books to make them digitally accessible for people with print disabilities. I have been even been known to take my service dog, Daisy, to the library to help me complete collections. Librarian Pro has been allowing us to catalog not only the thousands of books in our home, but our daughter's massive video collection. I highly recommend Librarian Pro all my friends who need to organize any of their media!

Valerie Maples

This isn't just an inventory system. It's an incredible one. Better than anything else I've ever used. Not only is it superior to Delicious Library in my opinion, it's also compatible with it - how can you argue with that? This app has saved me so much time and stress I feel the least I can do is write it a golden review. 10/10 and two thumbs up here for sure.

Luke Jackson

Does what I want it to do. However, improvements to how it obtains data from internet databases would be nice.

Kennard V WIlson

I really like this software. I have a lot of books and musics and I use this software to organise and check these. This software very useful and I would like to recommend for everyone!

Zoltan Vegh

Extremely user-friendly and compatible with third parties. Can seamlessly import all sorts of data from Address Book, Delicious Library, iTunes, and even Amazon! I honestly couldn't be more impressed.

Donna Peters

All of our products come with a full set of licensing options: from single users and households to small businesses and larger corporations.

Personal Licenses


Non-Subscription Options
$75 for free lifetime updates
$22 for this version only
  • 1 computer
    2 unique devices per year


Non-Subscription Options
$249 for free lifetime updates
$75 for this version only
  • 1 household
    10 unique devices per year

Business Licenses


Non-Subscription Options
$299 for free lifetime updates
$90 for this version only
  • 1 school
    300 unique devices per year


Non-Subscription Options
$999 for free lifetime updates
$299 for this version only
  • Unlimited
    10000 unique devices per year

Our manual is always expanding! While we strongly believe our products as so intuitive you shouldn't need a manual, there are exceptions now and then. If you feel there is something missing from the documentation, please contact us.

For a single-page listing of all help entries, click here.

Version 7.0.6 – October 31, 2021
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.14 or Windows 7 SP1 with Visual Studio C++ 2019 Runtime or later.
Upgrade Notes: This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription "lifetime license." No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site.
Bug Fix: Fixed results text below Web Finder list.
Bug Fix: Fixed bug downloading Amazon results if their response had changed slightly.