Our apps give you more time to socialize. exercise. play. teach. relax.

Located in Canada, Koingo Software, Inc. has been providing digital solutions for businesses and individuals since 1995. Our award-winning software is now installed on thousands of personal computers worldwide — seamlessly integrating with a modern lifestyle.

Our Mission

We design the "missing" apps to save you time that should have come with your computer!

Dedicated to Perfection

We strive to provide the most fun, easy-to-use and enjoyable user experience possible.

Best in Show

Meticulously research our competition and your needs to develop the most robust feature-rich apps.


Who We Are

We are a small group of individuals who have partnered together to bring serenity to the chaotic nightmare of technological confusion in the busy, modern, world. We design apps that save you time and work as you expect: without the need for spending hours digging through manuals. Our philosophy is that technology should accent your lifestyle, not be the centrepiece.

Starting as a teenage dream in 1995 after creating "Rocket Launch" on May 7th, Koingo's popularity quickly grew as it was picked up and featured in MacWorld, MacAddict, MacUser and a variety of other print and online publications. From the days of Contact Keeper and Password Retriever on Mac OS 8, to eventually developing apps on iOS, Koingo is here to stay and is a proven leader and innovator.