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Table of Contents

  1. General
    1. Gameplay
    2. Setup, Scoring & Winning
    3. Special Spaces



Private Drivers

Pay $2000 to hire a private driver to jump anywhere. Players cannot go back to the same space that they were just on. Private Drivers cannot be hired until all players have completed one lap. Of this $1000 paid, half goes into the Jackpot and half into the bank.



The contents of the jackpot may be won at the Casino space or with Lottery Cards. All fines from Anarchy and Lottery cards go into the Jackpot, as do the fees from Private Drivers.


Gaining Employment

Gaining employment at Alex’s Autos, Multinational, Inc., Research Lab, or Matrix Nightclub will enable players to earn money and gain career points. Each ladder is quite different with its own challenges and benefits. The first business a player lands on becomes their career ladder. No other players can climb the same ladder.


Moving up a Career Ladder
Landing on the business space respective of a player’s career, players automatically slide up the career ladder as many spaces as permit by their qualifications. Items acquired for lower level positions that are no longer needed may be sold to clear up spaces in a player’s inventory. Higher-level positions grant higher Career Points. These points are not cumulative and instead are wiped out and replaced on the character profile after a promotion.


Earning Money & Wage Bonuses

Earn money by landing on an income space or the place of the player’s employment. The amount earned is equal to their wage plus bonus multiplied by 10. For instance, a wage of $40/hour plus a $20/hour bonus would be $60/hour * 10 = $600. If a player has a higher bonus than their wage, it is rounded down to match their wage.


Increasing Material Wealth

Increasing material wealth can be done at both Home Essentials by buying items. Players may only own one of each item.


Trading and Selling Items

Items in a player’s inventory may be sold or traded to other players at any time (even off turn). They may charge as much or as little as they desire, and no movement to the other player on the board is required.


The “Lottery Card” Space & Anarchy Cards

Mostly positive effects, Lottery Cards must be played immediately when picked up, and can optionally be nullified with a “Lottery Card Discard Token” from Home Essentials. Any fines are paid directly to the Jackpot. If the player cannot afford it, they will record a negative “Bank Debt” on their Character Profile. The Jackpot can also be won with a Lottery Card, and if it is done so, that card is randomly inserted back into the deck. All other cards are returned to the bottom of the deck.


Anarchy Cards, available at “Home” cause serious disruptions for other players such as forcing them to lose fitness points, money, their job, or even their partners! Discard Tokens are ineffective against these. Players can own more than one and play anytime. Once played, the Anarchy Card is put aside and not reused during the game.

Setup, Scoring & Winning


The objective of Career Lottery is to achieve Success Points in the six categories:Career, Social,Fitness, Material Wealth, Finances, and Family. Each category has a maximum of 25 score-able points, for a grand total of 150 points being available in the game. The game is designed for a maximum of 4 players.


  1. Career (and Education):Reach heights in one or more career ladders.
  2. Social: Can be acquired on the Social space.
  3. Fitness: Can be acquired on the Fitness space.
  4. Material Wealth:Buy material possessions from Home Essentials.
  5. Finances: Score points in this category by putting savings into the bank.
  6. Family: Meet a partner and raise up to four children on the Family space.



  1. All debt to other players & the bank must be paid off.
  2. Player must have a partner & be married.
  3. Player must have achieved a minimum of 125 of the 150 possible Success Points in the game.

If the bank runs out of money, the player with the most points across all categories wins by default, regardless of the criteria above.


Initial Setup

  1. Each player is given an empty character sheet, colored game-play character piece, and $1500.
  2. Place everyone’s character piece on the “Home” location.
  3. Fill the Jackpot with $1000
  4. Shuffle the Anarchy and Lottery cards separately and place them on the respective spots on the board.
  5. Youngest player goes first.


Playing a Turn

Roll the die and move that number of spaces clockwise or hire a private driver. Then, do any of the following:

  • Withdraw money from bank to wallet
  • Perform ONE space-related action
  • Trade items with other players
  • Play Lottery or Anarchy Cards
  • Borrow money from players

Special Spaces

The “Education” Space

At this location, players can obtain wage bonuses and the degrees required by their jobs. Like any other space, players may only perform once action per turn here. To obtain Business Level 2 from 1, for instance, would require a second visit to this space.


The “Casino” Space

The casino has three types of games the player may join in on. If bets are lost, the cash goes directly into the Jackpot. The game types are listed on the board.


The “Bank” Space

Earn Finance Points by depositing cash on hand (wallet) into the bank. Wallets can be lost or stolen; the bank is much safer. Players do not have to revisit the bank to withdrawal and can do so immediately anywhere. Deposits and withdrawals must be done in sequential amounts as indicated on the Character Profile. Additionally, the bank can only hold up to $5000 of deposits. The rest must be kept in the player’s wallet. Every time a player lands on the Bank space they may borrow up to 10x their wage+bonus. This must be repaid to win the game.