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Table of Contents

  1. General
    1. Cheats
    2. Common Pests
    3. Gameplay Tips
    4. Introduction
    5. Power-Ups and Weapons
    6. Special Pests and Capturing
  2. Troubleshooting
    1. Known Issues



There are a few cheats available in Pandora's Pests:

Press r to skip to the next level
Press i to turn invincibility on or off.

Common Pests

You can expect to encounter many types of bothersome insectoid foes on your quest. Here's the basic rundown.

Pandora Fly.png Flies
Completely harmless, but annoying. Don't let them distract you from the bigger threats!
Pandora Mosquito.png Mosquitoes
While they can't take too many hits or deal very much damage, Mosquitoes can still be very dangerous in large numbers.
Pandora Wasp.png Wasps
Hover around waiting for openings before attacking with their dangerous sting. Can be even more aggressive when hit or irritated!
Pandora Bee.png Bumblebees
The Wasp's larger cousin. Bumblebees aren't as aggressive, but can take more hits before dying. Don't underestimate them!
Pandora Spider.png Spiders
The deadly Black Widow descends from above on a thread of spidersilk. Don't let them get too close!
Pandora Scarab.png Scarabs
Reinforced by a thick carapace, Scarabs are a dangerous scourge upon visitors of the desert. Hit them with your best weapons!
Pandora Scorpion.png Scorpions
Like the Scarab, the Scorpions are heavily armored by a natural exoskeleton and can attack with even greater strength.
Pandora Ant.png Fire Ants
These diminutive swamp dwellers may seem weak on their own, but in a swarm they'll wreak havoc on all but the most seasoned players.

Gameplay Tips

Smack Those Flies
They may not pose any threat to you, but they can drop health and weapons just like any other bug.

Watch Your Arm
While you're attacking insects in-flight, your arm might be getting overrun by crawling pests or flyers who have landed while you weren't paying attention.

Use Weapons Strategically
The more you know about each weapon's strengths and weaknesses, the better you'll be able to adapt to changing situations. Simply using whatever is available might work for a while, but there may be times when you find that you've wasted a Fly Paper just when a tightly-packed group of Wasps has formed...

How To Switch
You may already know that you can swap your weapons one-by-one with the Tab key, but you might also find it useful to select different weapons directly with the number keys.

Dealing With Bosses
Try focussing your attacks on the bosses rather than the bugs they spawn, as once the boss is dead the number of bugs will no longer increase. You might also find your Magnifying Glass handy because of its usefulness against stationary targets.

Some of your weapons may have alternate uses which you might not expect. For example, the Fly Paper can be dragged with your mouse cursor after the first application to cover more area.

Knowing how your enemies move will greatly improve your reaction time when they finally appear. Observe keenly and strike decisively!


Someone has foolishly opened the dreaded Pandora's Box and it's up to you to clean up the mess before the world is overrun by dangerous insects! Smack, swat, squish, and slap your way across three diverse locales and face-off against four fearsome bosses as you journey the world to eliminate the pests once and for all!

Power-Ups and Weapons

Dead bugs will often drop a variety of useful items and weapons. Be sure to grab them while you can!

Pandora Health.png Health
As the name suggests, this power-up will slightly restore your Health Bar. Be sure to keep an eye out for these on the later levels, or during boss fights. Missing even one could be the difference between life and death!
Pandora Net.png Net
A basic net usually meant for catching butterflies, you can use it to capture any enemy pest you come across. Successfully capturing a bug will give you twice the points you'd normally get with a kill! This weapon is available at all times.
Pandora Hand.png Hand Slap
Your last line of defense against the waves of hostile bugs is your very own hand. Not very strong or very fast, but it never wears out or runs low on ammunition. This weapon is available at all times.
Pandora Newspaper.png Newspaper
Oh well, there were too many coffee stains on it already. It might not seem very powerful at first, but it can hit multiple bugs at once and lasts a while before wearing out.
Pandora Flyswatter.png Fly Swatter
An ordinary household flyswatter... with an electrified grill for added oomph! It can attack very quickly, but watch out for the battery drain.
Pandora Bugspray.png Bug Spray
Nothing like a good old can of compressed toxic chemicals! The contents of each can are limited yet very effective against all but the toughest of insects.
Pandora Zapper.png Stun Gun
Feel like improvising? Grab a stun gun! Ordinarily used for personal defense, this consumer model taser will fry bugs with a brilliant flash of concentrated electricity.
Pandora Flypaper.png Fly Paper
Squish large numbers of pests and wipe them away with this fully-unrolled fly paper! Great against flying bugs in particular, the Fly Paper can be spread around after each application for added effect.
Pandora Magglass.png Magnifying Glass
Use the power of the sun to toast those ants just like when you were a kid playing on the sidewalk. The beam of light from the magnifying glass is intensely powerful at its tip, but only if you hold it in place!
Pandora Flame.png Flamethrower
The ultimate destroyer of any and all insects! Pick one up and let loose on your opponents, but be careful: weapons this powerful are both rare and extremely liberal with ammo stocks.

Special Pests and Capturing

Violence isn't the only option! Not only are there special bugs in the game which won't attack the player, there are also alternative methods of dealing with them. Special bugs are worth huge amounts of points and almost always drop items, so kill them (or catch them) before they vanish!

Pandora Dragonfly.png Dragonflies
This majestic pond-skipper will glide across the screen occasionally wherever there is a body of clean water nearby.
Pandora Butterfly.png Butterflies
Where there are plants, there are Butterflies -- if you're lucky. Don't let them flutter away unchallenged!
Pandora Cockroach.png Cockroaches
Maybe not as visually appealing as the other special bugs, smacking a Cockroach when you see one will still offer the same rewards.

To capture a bug instead of killing it, just use your Net!


Known Issues

Sometimes seemingly randomly crashes on Windows due to an OOB.