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    Pandora's Pests
    Version 1.3.1
    You're on a relaxing vacation at a desert resort when your peaceful afternoon is upturned by an armada of pests! With every bug you squash, you gain new skills and obtain new weapons to help defeat these bothersome foes.
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Blood Suckers

A peaceful tropical vacation goes awry when you bat away the wrong bug! After feasting on GMO crops for years, even the most common of household pests have developed intelligence and intense bloodlust! And now, you've pissed them off! Dashing off across beaches, through jungles, and finally arriving back at your home you must save yourself.

Enjoy Pandora's Pests on either a Mac or PC, with hopefully a mobile version coming one day!
Every time you play Pandora's Pests, the game is randomized! You'll never get the same power ups, or same distribution of bugs: from varying flight paths, different appearance intervals, and bonus points. Always compete to try and beat your best score!
All of the music featured in Pandora's Pests was composed and performed by Mike Biskup!

It's on!

Battle against a plethora of insects and other bugs from black widows, scorpions, and fire ants to dragon flies, cockroaches, bees, mosquitos, and more. Win the war after destroying Pandora's Box at the end of the game, armed with everything from fly swatters, newspapers, magnifying glasses, flame throwers, nets, bug spray, and tazers.

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Current Version

Older Versions

These versions are no longer supported and are listed primarily for customers owning older licenses.

Name Version Size Date Platform Minimum OS Download
Pandora's Pests 1.3.1 45.22 MB March 19, 2020 PC Windows 7 or later Download
Pandora's Pests 1.3.1 34.09 MB March 19, 2020 Mac macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.6 41.37 MB February 10, 2017 PC Windows XP or later Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.6 32.02 MB February 10, 2017 Mac Mac OS X 10.9 or later Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.5 38.25 MB December 22, 2015 PC Windows XP Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.5 31.32 MB December 22, 2015 Mac Mac OS X 10.7 Download
  Last version for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8
Pandora's Pests 1.1 26.99 MB February 10, 2012 PC Windows XP Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1 29.80 MB February 10, 2012 Mac Mac OS 10.4 (Universal) Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.2 28.14 MB February 10, 2012 PC Windows XP Download
Pandora's Pests 1.1.2 26.48 MB February 10, 2012 Mac Mac OS X 10.6 (Intel) Download

Share Your Story...

Interesting concept. Really reminds me of retro Mac gaming for some reason. I love it!

Ray Davis

Good game! Gives me the creeps! On the other hand it's quite satisfying to be able to take a flamethrower to all those creepy-crawlies. Great music, too.

Audrey Garcia

Everyone has to try this game at least once. It's strangely addicting and oddly satisfying. Well done for a company that doesn't even specialize in gaming! Two thumbs up!

Marcos Cox

It's just like the good old Mac gaming days! I feel all nostalgic and I've never even played this before. I'm surprised that more Mac people haven't been talking about this. Maybe it's just me but I think this game is amazing. Fully recommended for everyone to try!

Tina Sutton

Great game for kids and adults alike! My kids play this one quite a bit and I'll admit that it's incredibly amusing to watch them get so into it. Simple enough to figure out and complex enough to keep you interested. I really like this one.

Billie Pittman

Super intense game! It's a really good one to just sit back and play on a rainy day. The boss fights are crazy. You really can't go wrong here.

Leigh Wolfe

This is a fun game to play and a great way to amuse kids in the family. Its a simple game to get the hang of but quite challenging all the same :)

Glenn Cogar

Well-structured and satisfying to play. Graphics aren't bad either for what it is! It's definitely worth a try. I'm sure you'll find yourself some degree of addicted to it in no time, just like I did.

Grace Gardner

After playing this game, a wasp or spider here or there around the house once in a while doesn't seem so bad anymore. This is a good thing! Fun to play for all ages. This one's got my stamp of approval on it all the way.

Patty Vasquez

I love the intensity of this game! I get so into it, it's ridiculous. I recommend this for anyone that wants to have a good time at an extremely low cost. You won't be disappointed.

Andrea Hughes

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Non-Subscription Options
$31 for free lifetime updates
$795 for this version only
  • 1 computer
    2 unique devices per year


Non-Subscription Options
$99 for free lifetime updates
$25 for this version only
  • 1 household
    10 unique devices per year

Business Licenses


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$119 for free lifetime updates
$29 for this version only
  • 1 school
    300 unique devices per year


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$399 for free lifetime updates
$99 for this version only
  • Unlimited
    10000 unique devices per year

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Version 1.3.1 – March 19, 2020
Requirements: This version requires Mac OS X 10.13 or later or Windows 7 or later.
Bug Fix: Clear High Scores window no longer slides down out of nowhere.
Bug Fix: Fixed crash on high score window showing.
Bug Fix: Fixed resolution switching issues.
Bug Fix: Fixed high score window from not showing when game over but had a high score.
Bug Fix: Fixed credits scroller from appearing more than once while cheating to the end of the game.
Bug Fix: Fixed mouse cursor not showing/hiding correctly.