MacPilot 3 - Unlock 600 Hidden Features in Mac OS X

Koingo Software has officially unveiled MacPilot 3. This latest incarnation of their tinker tool for Mac OS X sports approximately two hundred new features and enhancements. The total number of features in MacPilot now exceeds six-hundred! Completely customize the Dock, Finder, Safari, and numerous other Apple and third party applications with little more than a mouse click.

MacCleanse Special Promotion - only $7.95!

With an entourage of recently added features, Koingo Software is pleased to announce a special promotion for MacCleanse! Retailing for $19.95, the first 300 customers will be given a discount, bringing the price to a mere $7.95.

Koingo Software Grab Bag

Koingo Software announced today the immediate introduction of the "Software Grab Bag" as a component of their site. This new addition allows users to randomly draw four Koingo titles and receive an instant 40% discount!

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