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    AirRadar 6
    Version 6.0.2
    Scanning for wireless networks is now easier and more personalized! AirRadar allows you to scan for open networks and tag them as favourites or filter them out.
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WiFi On Demand

Finding a free WiFi network while on vacation can be a nightmare. Using advanced GPS technology, AirRadar scans and places all networks on a map. While walking or driving, AirRadar automatically updates the location of networks when it finds a better signal elsewhere.

Open networks are clearly marked with a green dot, and closed networks with a red dot. Simply throw the laptop on the passenger seat before leaving the house for the day, and after a day of driving, have a comprehensive map of open networks!

Save WiFi scan logs for future use when travelling back to a different city. Even share these logs with others.
Graphing network signal strength over a period of time can help identify if other devices cause interference when they are turned on.
From viewing advanced router info to identifying unused channels, AirRadar helps System Administrators determine the best router configuration for an environment.

Enhance Home WiFi

In modern households, it's common for families to have a WiFi router. In apartment buildings and dense city areas, hundreds of WiFi signals can often be picked up from a single spot.

AirRadar can provide insight to optimizing your home network and reducing interference from other signals. The calmest, or even unused, WiFi channels are presented with every scan.

Other Highlights

Full WiFi Support

Supports all modern specifications like 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

GPS Integrated

Uses macOS' internal location services to identify the approximate location of access points.


Automatically join the best network.


Graph network signal and noise over time.


Easily identify networks by setting them as a favorite.


Look for congested channels at a glance.


Save and load network scan histories on the fly.


Assign label colors and notes to networks.


Speak network names.


Play audio effects or show notifications for found networks.


Save network passwords in the system keychain for auto-filling later on.


Easily filter scan results by numerous criteria.

Enterprise Support

Compatible with Enterprise-level WPA networks.

Vendor Info

Displays the vendor of each WiFi router.

Advanced Details

From Beacon Intervals to Channel Widths.

Multiple Cards

Choose which WiFi card to scan and join with.

For the full or trial version of our app, please use the download links below. After installation, the trial will automatically begin. For users owning a valid license, unlock the software via the "Unlock Product..." menu item if necessary.

Current Version

Older Versions

These versions are no longer supported and are listed primarily for customers owning older licenses.

Name Version Size Date Platform Minimum OS Download
AirRadar 6.0 36.88 MB December 10, 2020 Mac Mac OS X 10.14 or later Download
AirRadar 5.2.5 26.12 MB February 11, 2020 Mac Mac OS X 10.13 or later Download
AirRadar 4.1.9 23.32 MB November 27, 2018 Mac Mac OS X 10.11 or later Download
AirRadar 4.0.3 26.56 MB April 17, 2018 Mac Mac OS 10.10 Download
AirRadar 3.2 17.14 MB February 10, 2017 Mac Mac OS X 10.9 (Intel, 32-bit) Download
AirRadar 2.2.4 14.01 MB October 23, 2012 Mac Mac OS X 10.6 (Universal) Download
AirRadar 2.3.4 12.06 MB April 20, 2012 Mac Mac OS X 10.6 (Intel) Download

All of our products come with a full set of licensing options: from single users and households to small businesses and larger corporations.

Personal Licenses


  • 1 computer
    2 unique activations per year


  • 1 household
    10 unique activations per year

Business Licenses


  • 1 school
    300 unique activations per year


  • Unlimited
    10000 unique activations per year

Share Your Story...

As more and more of my neighbors install WiFi routers I have to become more diligent about making sure we aren't stepping on each other's electronic toes. I use AirRadar on a regular basis to check the channels that my neighbors are using and make sure all my routers (I have four in use) are on channels far apart from my neighbors. I have friends and customers that ask for my assistance troubleshooting their WiFi issues. More often than not there problems are caused by everyone around them trying to use the same channel and the "auto" setting which most routers default to is no protection. I will open AirRadar and find all of their surrounding neighbors are trying to use the same channels they are. AirRadar frequently makes me look like a hero genius.

John Donahue

Solid tool to help me tune my Wifi Setip

Saurabh Shah

Excellent radar with great features.

Neil Douglas Wilson

Хорошая программа

Yury Kisel

Provides a great array of network information with none of the baggage.

Dave MacDonald

Fantastic little app, more than powerful enough for my needs. Thank you!

Stephanie Maxson

Excellent product!

Your Full Name

the product is very useful¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Julio Cesar Bralo

This is a great app to ascertain what Wi-Fi connections are broadcasting; especially if you travel about as much as I do, so you can stay connected most of the time.


AirRadar helped me to debug my wireless access problem in my home. I live in a neighborhood where all of the homes are small and sit right next to one another. Additionally, they have very thin walls. So, there is very little to stop Wi-Fi signal from hoping from one dwelling to the next. Strangely it seems that Verizon has configured all of the routers to be on the same channel. So during prime time all of my neighbors are interfering with one another. With AirRadar I was able to sniff out the problem and switch my router to a virtually unused channel. Now my wireless Internet is back to what it should be.

Vince D'Onofrio

Our manual is always expanding! While we strongly believe our products as so intuitive you shouldn't need a manual, there are exceptions now and then. If you feel there is something missing from the documentation, please contact us.

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Version 6.0.2 – December 15, 2020
Requirements: This version requires at least macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
Upgrade Notes: This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription "lifetime license." No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site.
Bug Fix: Fixed launch error on older macoS.
IMPORTANT NOTE Fix: Color.SelectedFromDialog causes crash when selecting a color and the spawning window is later closer while the dialog is still open. Ensure you close the color picker before closing the parent window. We're working on a fix.