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Let's chat about macOS Monterey

Once upon a time, it was customary to download a shareware app and try it out for a few weeks until the limitations kicked in. If you liked it, you bought it. Then every year you'd buy it again for an upgrade fee to get on the latest version. Let's put an end to this!

The average cost of a high-end Mac app these days is anywhere between $49 and $99. We still competitively price ourselves way below the competition. If you're paying for upgrades every year, it could literally run into the hundreds of dollars depending how many apps you have downloaded.

We have two amazing options at Koingo to get rid of that headache.

  1. Our high-end Utility Package Pro bundle which not only includes all 10 current Koingo apps, but any new ones that we introduce in the future. It's less than $10/mo and you can cancel any time.
  2. The "Lifetime License" option which lets you buy the app, and all future version of it, for one flat-rate. This is available under the Upgrade Plan menu when checking out on our store.

Learn More About Utility Package Pro or Order a Lifetime License

On a side note, we're happy to announce that all of our apps are compatible with the upcoming macOS Monterey! They've also all been Apple M1 compatible for quite some time now as well.

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