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Librarian Pro 6.0.6 released!

Version 6.0.6 – March 24, 2021
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.14 or Windows 7 SP1 with Visual Studio C++ 2019 Runtime or later.
Upgrade Notes: This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription "lifetime license." No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site.
Important Note: Amazon discontinued their Product Advertising API for all calls that are not revenue generating as of January 23, 2019. To continue using Amazon to auto-fill item details, you must now create your own Amazon Associates API account.
New Feature: Modernization of UI for macOS Big Sur.
Bug Fix: Fixes numerous UI issues.
Bug Fix: Can now export ISBN13.
COMING SOON // Bug Fix: Printing always crops titles with elipsis.

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