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MacPilot 12.0.5 released!

Version 12.0.5 (Pre-Release) – December 18, 2020
Requirements: This version requires at least macOS 11.0/10.16 (Big Sur).
Upgrade Notes: This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription "lifetime license." No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Now launches on macOS Big Sur and has basic compatibility. We are still in the process of verifying all the features still work, adding new ones, and updating the UI. We anticipate the full 12.1 release shortly after Big Sur is officially released. This will be a free update for all customers owning the 12.0 pre-release.
Bug Fix: Updated main toolbar, prefs toolbar and internal toolbars to respect new Big Sur style. Should still look decent on older macOS (will verify later).
Bug Fix: Fixed offline activation which was forgetting to trim nulls from openssl_encrypt.
Bug Fix: Fixed tag of main About toolbar button.
Bug Fix: Depreciated Reply to in Apple's as this feature is no longer supported in v14 (maybe earlier as well).

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