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Career Lottery

Over the past ten years we've been internally been developing a board game as a side project! And now... as of January 11th, 2019... it is yours for free! In this free to print-at-home strategy board game compete with up to 4 players to achieve success while sabotaging them along the way. Throw house parties, hit the gym, raise family, or even make a deal with the Mob!



Koingo CEO Josh
What's this crazy man all about? He's been behind the helm at Koingo for years. If you're a fellow Instagrammer, check out Josh's travel photography and comment with some of your favourite travel memories of your own. Over 30 countries and counting from India and Jamaica to an archeological dig in Israel and sky diving in New Zealand! New photos posted daily at 6 pm and 9 pm Pacific Time. Soon to come: a survival course in the Amazon rainforest!


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