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Free Lifetime Upgrades!

Screenshot Do you hate paying for annual app upgrades or subscriptions to get the latest version? We're introducing the ability to buy our apps once and get free upgrades for life!

We've permanently thrown away the traditional, and expensive, software license model FOREVER. We don't believe customers should be forced to pay for an upgrade every year!

Now, either buy a lifetime license for our apps which includes free upgrades FOR LIFE, or subscribe to a very affordable monthly plan (between $1.00 and $2.50/mo). Either way, ensure you always have the latest version without all of the headache!

For a very limited time, get 20% off a lifetime license or first 12 months of a subscription by using the promo code "life4me.june2019" (without quotes) on our web store. This coupon is valid for all license types, including Household and Corporate!


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