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Free Lifetime Upgrades!

Screenshot A few months ago we announced a brand new lifetime license for Koingo apps because paying for updates sucks and can get expensive. Now when you buy a lifetime license from us, you'll be guaranteed free upgrades for life. Simply download and install the latest version of the app worry-free. Best of all, it is not on a subscription! It's a one-time payment.

Looking to use our apps for a shorter period of time, or just want to kick them around a bit before committing full-on? We still offer monthly subscriptions as an alternative. These are as low as $1/mo per app. The primary difference of the subscription plan is that when it expires, the license removed from your account.

For a very limited time, get 20% off one-time lifetime licenses or first 12 months of a subscription by using the promo code "life4me.june2019" (without quotes) on our web store. This coupon is valid for all license types, including Household and Corporate! This code is only valid for individual software products — not the Utility Package Pro. Utility Package Pro (not to be confused with our Koingo Pro Support Service), is a lifetime license to every Koingo app in one convenient money-saving bundle.


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