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Digital Sentry 2.0 released!

Version 2.0 – June 1, 2018
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.10.
Upgrade Notes: Version 2 is a paid upgrade from version 1 and lower. Order an upgrade visiting our Upgrades Store

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the last year. Visit your account and click the Upgrade link, if this applies to you, to obtain a free copy.
New Feature: This is a complete application rewrite from the ground up. This is the first MAJOR, and paid upgrade, in nearly 10 years. We have thrown away many legacy features that are simply not compatible or permitted on the latest version of Mac OS X (notably keystroke logging), and added many MANY more! Legacy program settings will not be imported to the dramatic change in the way the app functions. Monitors must be recreated.
** New Feature: Removed sudden motion sensor to detect movement and now use Apple's official Location Services to determine the GPS position of the computer.
** New Feature: Sending messages to a cell phone number as an action now reliably works using our new third party service. SMS messages are no longer sent through an SMTP gateway.
** New Feature: Main window completely reimagined. Program log is also now included in the main window instead of spawning a separate one.
** New Feature: System monitor for which actions are being monitored, or which services were denied by the system.
** New Feature: Monitors can now monitor more than one event at a time.
** New Feature: Can now monitor WiFi signal strength and network status.
** New Feature: Enable/disable WiFi as an action.
** New Feature: Monitor system battery percentage.
** New Feature: "Lost" status as an Action. Lost status will automatically take a screenshot, web cam shot, and record the current GPS co-ordinates of the computer every 5 minutes and transmit it to Koingo.
** New Feature: Monitor Koingo Homebase which allows a user to remotely trigger 'lost' status on their device to perform actions.
** New Feature: Connect to WiFi network as action.
** New Feature: Integration with our MacCleanse software to clear internet history as an action.
** New Feature: Can now monitor the WAN IP address not just the local IP.
** New Feature: Makes files visible/invisible as an action.
** New Feature: Motion detection on web cam as as Monitor.
** New Feature: Computer use detection (monitors visual screen activity).
** New Feature: Audio level detection on web cam as as Monitor.
** New Feature: Can now have multiple actions of the same type per monitor.
** New Feature: Play iTunes playlist as an action.
** New Feature: Audio alarm as an action. This is a high-pitched sound effect, of the user's choice, that will continuously loop. System volume will continually be unmuted and set to maximum volume during this alarm.
** New Feature: Record audio/video as action.
** New Feature: Clear clipboard as action.
** New Feature: Phone Home as an action. This will automatically post a log entry to our web server with the pertinent details for the event that was just triggered.
** New Feature: Eject a disk/volume as an action.
** New Feature: Can now upload screenshots/web cam shots/logs to an FTP server as an action.
** New Feature: Events now occur in the order they are positioned instead of all at once. For instance, the first action will fire, and complete before the second action is allowed to execute. If an action fails, the other actions will continue in succession, however.

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