Data Guardian 4.0 released!

Version 4.0 – May 14, 2018
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.10 or Windows 7 SP1.
Upgrade Notes: Version 4 is a paid upgrade from version 3 and lower. Order an upgrade visiting our Upgrades Store

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the last year. Visit your account and click the Upgrade link, if this applies to you, to obtain a free copy.
New Feature: Overall application interface updated and improved.
New Feature: Threaded vCard exporter.
New Feature: Threaded 1Password PIF exporter.
New Feature: Sandboxed; you must now re-select your home database.
New Feature: Complete redesign for smart collection editor.
New Feature: Can now close import/export windows to cancel threads.
New Feature: 64-bit support for Windows.
New Feature: Export to HTML now threaded.
New Feature: Export to HTML can now export multiple icons in records.
New Feature: Export to HTML settings now remembered.
New Feature: Dynamic field records in HTML export. This is now the only preset as it is the most versatile. To create your own, see the documentation.
Modification: Completely recoded HTML export.
Modification: Tons and tons of under the hood improvements.
Bug Fix: Fixed error launching phone number fields using the little icon with the arrow in it.
Bug Fix: Corrected a crash in the crash reporter on Windows.
Bug Fix: Fixed serious memory leak in the Recents menu.
Bug Fix: Open in Safari works again in Export window.
Bug Fix: Database Templates support folders now correctly created in Application Data folder.

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