Librarian Pro 4.0 released!

Version 4.0 – May 12, 2018
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.10 or Windows 7 SP1.
Upgrade Notes: Version 4 is a paid upgrade from version 3 and lower. Order an upgrade visiting our Upgrades Store

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the last year. Visit your account and click the Upgrade link, if this applies to you, to obtain a free copy.
New Feature: Complete interface overhaul with countless speed improvements, bug fixed, and tweaks.
New Feature: New View option to turn off custom icons for items for very large libraries that may be memory hogs.
New Feature: 64-bit for Windows.
New Feature: Added Web Finder button in main window.
New Feature: Imports Publish Date from Amazon.
New Feature: Can now right-click listbox header to move columns.
New Feature: Sandboxed on Mac.
New Feature: ISBN/UPC/EAN preserved when searching for items and auto-filling from web.
Modification: Dramatically reduced the number of active app threads increasing overall library speed.
Modification: Publisher/Manufacturer now in basics tab in SW/Electronics.
Modification: Controls on PC now dynamically use system font.
Bug Fix: Corrected import family as borrowers window from showing a million times.
Bug Fix: Fixed Window menu on Windows.
Bug Fix: Right-clicking item image in Edit window now shows contextual menu to clear it again.
Bug Fix: Currency symbols now show properly.
Bug Fix: Using large icons in the collections list works again.
Bug Fix: Auto-search while typing now searches once per second instead of once every 1/5 of a second.
Bug Fix: Fixed dithering issue when drawing main gallery view which now removes odd grey lines between rows.
Bug Fix: Fixed issues with shadows on items being inverted.
Bug Fix: Can no longer drag a non-existent item.
Bug Fix: Hidden collections now stay hidden when reopening databases.
Bug Fix: Dragged item images are now Retina compatible.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue auto-navigating in the Open/Save dialog box to the Delicious Library 3 folder.
Bug Fix: Items with really long titles should crop their title text on top of their artwork.
Bug Fix: CoverFlow mode and Gallery will now sort by name if no sort direction is chosen.
Bug Fix: CoverFlow displays images very small.
Bug Fix: Fixed crash when pasting into borrower icon.
Bug Fix: Links to iTunes music imports is now correct.
Bug Fix: Databases now remember basic view settings on Windows.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue drawing on HiDPI windows for Gallery View.
Bug Fix: Fixed retrieving 64-bit values from Windows Registry.
Bug Fix: Retina version doesn't show web cam preview in the correct area.
Bug Fix: Fixed Software publishers loading into the wrong field from Amazon.
Bug Fix: Web cam scanning works again on Windows.
Bug Fix: Fixed multiple issues with menu icons either not being Retina or showing wrong size.
Bug Fix: Recents menu no longer leaks memory, and now works correctly overall.
Bug Fix: Fixed crash on contacting support from Windows when including a system report.

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