MacCleanse 6.0.6 released!

Version 6.0.6 – December 26, 2017
Upgrade Notes: Version 6 is a paid upgrade from version 5 and lower. Order an upgrade by visiting our Upgrades Store.

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the last year. Visit your account and click the Check for Free Upgrades button.
New Feature: Cleans unified logging on High Sierra.
New Feature: Cleans quickLook cache.
New Feature: Adobe font caches.
New Feature: Cleans Darwin user cache (and separately Icon and Font caches).
Modification: No longer leaves launch agent files behind if disabled.
Modification: Chat histories are now excluded from 'safe' cleanup.
Bug Fix: Fixed numerous thread related stalls and crashes.
Coming Soon: Much more efficient way to recognize duplicate files.

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