MacPilot 9.0.3 released!

Version 9.0 to 9.0.3 – March 8th, 2017
Requirements: This version is designed for Mac OS X 10.12 (macOS Sierra) and later only. For older versions compatible with other operating systems, please visit our web site.
Upgrade Notes: Version 9 is a paid upgrade from all previous versions. Order this latest version on our upgrades page for a reduced cost!

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost and no action is required. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the past six months. Visit your account, click the Orders tab, and press the Check for Free Upgrade button.
New Feature: Change tabs with View menu at top of screen.
New Feature: Show the Advanced Editor by default on startup in the Preferences window.
New Feature: Number of rows and columns in LaunchPad.
New Feature: Authorization with progress now re-uses existing form to prevent the user from having to keep re-entering the admin password.
New Feature: Can now set a mixture of startup modes (ie. verbose + safe).
New Feature: Additional boot args can now take values with spaces.
New Feature: Graphics mode in Startup panel.
New Feature: Ignore kext caches in Startup panel.
New Feature: Update kext caches in Maintenance tab.
New Feature: Nvidia Web Drivers mode in Startup panel.
New Feature: Target disk mode in Startup panel.
New Feature: Text Mode in Startup panel.
New Feature: Disable zone postponing in Startup panel.
New Feature: Server performance mode in Startup panel.
New Feature: Added PowerButtonSleepsSystem toggle for older OSses.
New Feature: Added tick marks to sliders in Power tab.
New Feature: Can now view .asl (Apple System Log) files in Log Viewer.
New Feature: Basic system info shown in About window.
New Feature: File icon in Receipts view is now an alert icon if the file is not found.
New Feature: Dramatically enhanced broadband optimizer.
New Feature: Added option to open Storage Utility in macOS Sierra.
New Feature: Added 'New Value' column to Advanced editor in Network.
New Feature: Added page step to sliders in Power tab every 15 minutes.
New Feature: Receipt viewer now shows how many files are listed.
New Feature: Added new toolbar to the window top.
New Feature: View logs right in the main window.
New Feature: New "dark" bottom window toolbars.
New Feature: Hides network kernel value help if none available.
New Feature: Open System Utilities folder.
New Feature: Launch archive utility.
New Feature: Startup panel is now SIP aware.
New Feature: BOM file paths are now fully parsed using a prefix if available.
New Feature: Added extra help to Maintenance tab.
New Feature: Open Utilities folder from the Tools panel.
New Feature: Converted many tab panels to navigation style lists to look prettier.
New Feature: Reset auto-quit list.
Modification: App now takes up substantially less screen real estate. Works beautifully on 1440x900 (the most common laptop resolution on MacBooks).
Modification: Moved advanced features for Network into main window
Modification: Changed power sliders to give a much more usable input. Now only 6 hours instead of 12.
Modification: Redesigned the About window.
Modification: Redesigned the Receipt viewer.
Modification: Removed ability to set 32-bit boot mode as it is no longer applicable since 10.7.
Modification: No longer shows success message when deleting logs. Instead, provides visual feedbackonly
Modification: Moved receipts into Logs panel.
Modification: No longer shows 'Folder' text in size text box in the Log files list.
Modification: Receipts moved to logs panel.
Modification: Internal audit of project resources and discarded many legacy items.
Modification: Removed some features for Mission Control which now have an OS-Level exposure in the GUI.
Modification: Moved Install Archives Prefs pane into Tools.
Modification: Log lists now load actual file icons, and do so on demand.
Modification: Added warning about stripping Universal applications.
Modification: Updated warning in advanced network configuration editor.
Modification: Reorganized the feature set in the entire application.
Modification: Removed a number of features for Contacts app that no longer apply to the latest version.
Modification: Write Us link on About page now opens the interactive reporter instead of redirecting to our web site.
Modification: Inverted the logic of the confirmations dialog checkbox in the Preferences window.
Modification: Keep Me Informed button now checks for an internet connection prior to attempting to post data to our web site.
Modification: Dramatically improved the Offline Unlock window to include a better list of steps for how to proceed.
Modification: Reorganized Preferences window options.
Bug Fix: Can no longer set the desktop background screen saver when one is already running. Must now stop the existing one first.
Bug Fix: Fixed Launch Pad rows/columns to set a integer instead of float, also removed 'seconds' unit type to be nil.
Bug Fix: Renamed Address Book to Contacts.
Bug Fix: Fixed reset launchpad layout.
Bug Fix: Fixed button in open apps warning dialog from having a default and cancel action handler at the same time.
Bug Fix: Fixed alert icons which should have been showing as help icons.
Bug Fix: All startup options now settable again.
Bug Fix: Grid lines no longer draw vertical line for last column.
Bug Fix: Fixed web interface link to CUPS setup.
Bug Fix: Fixed divider heights in About and Help panels.
Bug Fix: Fixed missing space before comma in newsletter text of About window.
Bug Fix: System sleep slider now shows disabled values correctly when not available.
Bug Fix: Power Manager now works on macOS Sierra.
Bug Fix: Receipt viewer now shows file size data on load instead of when it comes into view.
Bug Fix: Power slider values now pluralize properly.
Bug Fix: System sleep timer slider no longer shows as active if the feature is not available.
Bug Fix: Opening/closing the progress window details no longer results in duplicate text.
Bug Fix: Hibernation File popup now disables when needed correctly.
Bug Fix: Settings in Startup panel that are text fields only save if the text is different on LostFocus.
Bug Fix: Startup chime mutes again.
Bug Fix: Startup boot args now properly processed when value is quoted.
Bug Fix: Replaced legacy screenshot in Help tab.
Bug Fix: Fixed curly quotes parse error in version history.
Bug Fix: Continuity Activation Tool v2.3 is now bundled.
Bug Fix: Rebuilding the Locate database works again.
Coming Soon: New Feature: Purge inactive memory.
Coming Soon: New Feature: Turn off Gate Keeper.
Coming Soon: New Feature: Hide/Show disks.
Coming Soon: New Feature: Change login window picture on Sierra.
Coming Soon: New Feature: File Browser allows editing file tags instead of legacy labels.
Coming Soon: New Feature: Replace legacy DoStandardAuthWithResult and ExecuteRootWithProgress with modernized kswauthexechelper tool and update appearance of wndProgress.
Coming Soon: Modification: File Browser legacy settings removed.

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