Critical Bug Fix

Critical Bug Fix: Immediate Action Required
Due to recent system software updates, the internal automatic updaters inside our products are broken. This bug has been fixed in the latest version of our apps. Please ensure you download the most recent version of the apps that you own from us to ensure you are not missing any critical security fixes. Follow the steps below. For App Store buyers must follow the steps in our FAQ to move to the retail version (for free) first.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Products and select the desired app.
  3. Click the Download header below the screenshot.
  4. Click the red Download button for Mac or Windows.
  5. On Mac, a Disk Image (.dmg) will appear in the Downloads folder with the latest copy. Open the disk image, which will mount on the Desktop, and drag the .app into the Applications folder. On Windows, simply launch the downloaded .exe installer.

If you do not own the latest version, upgrades have been discounted and are available on our Upgrades Store.

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