Koingo Software Announces Pandora's Pests

Koingo Software is pleased to announce Pandora's Pests! Pandora's Pests is an arcade game for Macintosh and Windows. You're on a relaxing vacation at a desert resort when your peaceful afternoon is upturned by an armada of pests!

Battle three major bosses, including a Scorpion Den, Wasp's Nest and an Ant Infestation, and then face the ultimate challenge of destroying Pandora's Box once and for all! Traverse three unique and exciting worlds: a desert resort, your home, and an infested swamp.

With every bug you squash, you gain new skills and obtain new weapons to help defeat these bothersome foes. However, after you escape home, you realize they're becoming much more than simply bothersome - it's an invasion!

Pandora's Pests sells as shareware for US$9.95, and can be downloaded at our web site. The product requires at least Mac OS X 10.4/Windows XP with 1 GB of RAM, QuickTime, and a video card supporting OpenGL.

Release Notes:
Preview Release. The game features are complete; however, testing for glitches has not yet been fully complete. Additionally memory and speed optimization has not yet been done. We will be following this release with 1.0 within the next couple weeks. Please submit all errors you find to us as soon as possible.

About Koingo Software:
Koingo Software is a software development business specializing in cross-platform applications for Macintosh OS X and Windows.

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