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Mystery Island Quest with $500 reward!

Today, we're excited to announce an online scavenger hunt for the original Mystery Island! The prize of US$500 goes to the first person to locate and send us a full copy of Mystery Island (one).

The archive was originally 42 MB and was a .sea file called "Mystery_Island_Full.sea." It was hosted on an FTP server which is no longer in operation, on our original web page which has also been taken down. Soon after release, numerous organizations such as MacAddict and MacAttitude reviewed it.

Millionaire James Harvey has died and his son inherited it all. Now he is missing. It is your job to solve the mystery! This game may be short, but it's fun!

- Some sort of MOD/MP3 Player (Required for Music) - eg. SoundApp
- 60MB free Hard Drive space/10 MB for the limited version.
- At least 12MB of free RAM
- Macintosh 68k (33 MHz+)
- 256/640x480-color capable monitor
- Internet Config 1.4 (Optional-For the Web Links)
- QuickTime 3.0 (For the Movies)

Choose to accept this mission and change the fate of your bank account, or deny it and go about your regular day — it's your call.

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