Freakin' Awesome Updates

Koingo Software is proud to announce the availability of 5 major product updates! MacPilot 10, MacCleanse 7, Alarm Clock Pro 11, Librarian Pro 4, and Data Guardian 4. Additionally, AirRadar 4 was released late 2017 as well. Most of these updates are complete overhauls of the apps to completely visually modernize them as well as introduce a plethora of new features, bug fixes, and other improvements.

Koingo Travel TV Series

Have dreams of travelling abroad? Koingo Software is pleased to announce our new travel video series hosted by Josh! Starting with our 25-minute travel documentary on the highlights of India for travellers in 2018, future videos will feature everywhere from the UK, New Zealand, and Australia to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba, Israel and Egypt. This is going to be an incredibly exciting 2018, and we plan to do some awesome giveaways to our viewers. Stay tuned!

MacCleanse 6 available!

Koingo Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of MacCleanse 6! It is the ultimate tool to save disk space while erasing tracks of computer use: from saving gigabytes by clearing up useless cache files to protecting your internet browsing history. The latest version includes countless under-the-hood improvements to improve security, performance and compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS X as well as the upcoming macOS High Sierra. A free 15-day trial is available for new users if downloading directly from our web site on

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