A comprehensive tool to uninstall applications, plugins, screensavers, and more. Features were moved into MacCleanse version 4 and later.
Blaze was a text editor geared for Mac OS 9 users who wanted functionality beyond that of SimpleText. It was discontinued in August of 2006, and in May of 2008 Blaze was sold to Quatre Group Software. Download 2.6.4 for Mac
Christmas Crisis
Save Christmas my delivering presents to children's homes.
Christmas Super Frog
Save Christmas by rescuing lost presents from Santa's crashed sleigh!
Contact Keeper
Contact Keeper was a powerful address book solution with customizable fields and vCard support. It was discontinued in May of 2006, and in May of 2008 Contact Keeper was sold to Quatre Group Software. Our customers may upgrade to Data Guardian via our upgrade form. Download 4.3.5 for Mac
File Sheriff
File attribute editor, icon generator, MP3 renamer, batch editor, and more! Sold to BKeeney Software on November 26, 2008.
Font Pilot
Font manager with ability to view fonts which are not installed! Sold to BKeeney Software on November 26, 2008.
Gallery Designer
Create customized web galleries in a matter of seconds! Sold to Quatre Group Software on November 27, 2008.
Image Smith
Batch resize, rotoate, crop, convert, and apply effects to images. Sold to MacAppWare on February 3, 2014.
MacPilot Lite
150 of the most popular features of the full version of MacPilot. Discontinued on February 11, 2012. Download 1.0.8 for Mac
Mystery Island
Millionaire James Harvey has died and his son inherited it all. Now he is missing. It is your job to solve the mystery!
Mystery Island II
Prevent a hostile alien takeover!
Pandora's Pests
Defeat an armada of vicious insects and other bugs using a variety of fun and unique weapons.
Password Retriever
Securely store passwords, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, receipts, customer records, and more! Our customers may upgrade to Data Guardian via our upgrade form. Download 5.3.5 for Mac, Windows
Periodic Table of Elements for chemistry students. PTE has been sold to another developer who wishes to remain anonymous. Download 3.1.8 for Mac
Slideshow Magic
Create multimedia slideshows with effects from photos! Sold to BKeeney Software on November 26, 2008.
Theme Song Trivia
Design your own trivia set based on iTunes songs and challenge your friends to a hot-seat "name that tune" gameshow!
Window Magician
Automatically position and size windows in system-wise applications based on a pre-determined configuration. Sold to Irradiated Software on January 31, 2014.
Looking for ancient titles from us such the ones listed below? Download the Legacy Koingo Software Package! Requires Mac OS 8 or 9. HyperCard Player is included. SheepShaver or Basilisk II can be used to run PPC/68k versions of Mac OS on Windows and Mac Intel systems.
Koingo Software
Alarm Clock 1.0, Alarm Clock 1.1, Alarm Clock 2.0, Alarm Clock Pro 3.0.1, Magick 8 Ball
Koingo Games
Murder Mystery, Rocket Launch, Rocket Launch II, Sewer Trouble
Pain Games
Captain Comic, Character Creator, Crime City, Movie 2000, New York Blast Out, Slime House, Super Dice, Valley of the Vampire