Comprehensive software package

With our extensive product line, we offer numerous solutions throughout various industries, professions, and day-to-day activities. We also understand not everyone can afford to purchase individual licenses for every software title on their machine.

The Koingo Software Utility Package combines the value of our feature-rich applications into a single affordable solution. In our desire to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, and continued loyalty, the bundle is available for a fraction of the cost of the combined prices of all of our products.

Free online software upgrades

The bundle includes copies of every product available on our web site at the time of purchase*, as well as free upgrades for six months. Additionally, the licenses are valid for both the Mac OS and Windows versions (if available). If new products are introduced, or new versions after six months, upgrade your Utility Package for only $9.95.

What's included

  • AirRadar 3
  • Alarm Clock Pro 9
  • Data Guardian 3
  • DigiTweak
  • Digital Sentry
  • Display Maestro
  • Image Smith 2
  • Librarian Pro 3
  • MacCleanse 4
  • MacPilot 7
  • Project Canvas
  • RoboPostman
  • Swift Share 2
  • Window Magician
Total Retail: US$324.30
Bundle Price: US$99.95
Savings: 69.18%

Get a hard copy

If you would rather receive a physical disc with these digital licenses, instead of having to download each title one at a time, please check out the Software CD. Or, if you would like to also include free lifetime upgrades, see Utility Package Pro.

* Does not include iPhone editions of our software.