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Manage your time and private data, scan for WiFi networks, tinker with Mac OS X, and erase histories and caches with the tools available in the Essentials Bundle! AirRadar, Alarm Clock Pro, Data Guardian, MacCleanse, and MacPilot which would normally retail for nearly $100 separately, are now available in one affordable package for only $49.95!

What's included

  • AirRadar 3
  • Alarm Clock Pro 9
  • Data Guardian 3
  • MacCleanse 4
  • MacPilot 7
Total Retail: US$109.75
Bundle Price: US$49.95
Savings: 54.49%

Get a hard copy

If you would rather receive a physical disc with these digital licenses, instead of having to download each title one at a time, please check out the Software CD.

* Does not include iPhone editions of our software.