Librarian Pro 3.2.5 released!

Version 3.2.5 – April 5, 2017
Requirements: This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.10 or Windows XP.
Upgrade Notes: Version 3 is a paid upgrade from all previous versions. Order an upgrade by logging into your account, pressing the Orders tab, and then clicking the Upgrade button!

Users owing an active subscription to this product will get it automatically without additional cost. This upgrade is also free if ordering a non-subscription version within the last year. Visit your account and click the Upgrade link to obtain a free copy.
Bug Fix: Fixed crash on alpha loading borrower icons.
Coming Soon: Fix for Web Cam scanning.
Coming Soon: Import Publishing Date from Amazon.
Coming Soon: Crash importing DL2 database.
Coming Soon: Use custom fields in list view.
Coming Soon: Steam/Raptr API.
Coming Soon: When I make a change to my database, e.g. deleting an item, and then save the database (File->Save), LP presents a warning dialog informing me that the database has been changed (duh! that's why I'm saving!) and do I really want to save? This sort of warning is appropriate if you try to close a database with unsaved changes, but it is unnecessary and annoying when I am actually trying to do the save. Please eliminate this warning, or at least provide a preference to turn it off.
Coming Soon: PC: My preferred view is list. With v 2 there was no problem. With v 3 every time I reload, the view goes back to gallery. Also, when I submitted this through the program bug report, the program crashed..
Coming Soon: After a hide collection in the side, on next app launch, the collection reappears..
Coming Soon: Smart date fields that allow just year.
Coming Soon: The fields autofilled from the Web Finder for Developer should actually be labelled Publisher (and the developer field would be switched into the "Details" section, or both the Developer and Publisher could be put into the "Basic" section) as right now it auto-fills the Publishers name, when it appears in the details section to be filled manually (currently).
Coming Soon: Allow downloading item images in bulk in the main window.
Coming Soon: Items with really long titles should crop their title text on top of their artwork.
Coming Soon: Dramatic improvements for Gallery view mode and caching pre-rendered images to disk.
Coming Soon: Retina version doesn't show web cam preview in the correct area.

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