Kallaxa Merger

This year has come to a close with a huge bang, and has paved the way for some incredible leaps ahead in 2015 for Koingo! The biggest announcements are the complete acquisition of Kallaxa Software, and the introduction of Alarm Clock Pro 10 and AirRadar 3 (with GPS support!). Use coupon code kallaxa to get 50% off any Koingo apps in December.

Our merger with Kallaxa includes its entire product lineup, and comes with a major change in management (as detailed later)! The application lineups offer a lot of overlap and will be combined in the coming months. Existing Kallaxa customers will be given free licenses to the Koingo re-branded versions of apps in the coming weeks. All upgrade policies will be honored. Arise has been rebranded as Alarm Clock Pro 10. Dazzle will see a minor overhaul and become MacCleanse 5. WiFinder has merged with AirRadar, taking elements from both apps (notably GPS).

We've also completely recoded our web site from the ground up. It's now mobile friendly and bug-free. This means all of the license issues in the past should now be long gone!


If you've had any issues with Koingo in the past, please write in and let us know what we can do to set it right!


* Longer Upgrades
Josh has now increased the free-upgrades policy to one year from six months! Traditional non-subscription "pay as you go" purchase options fully restored!

* Forward Focused
Many unpopular and legacy apps (Digital Sentry, DigiTweak, Display Maestro, RoboPostman, Project Canvas, and Swift Share) have been discontinued so that we can focus on new apps, and improving our existing ones!

* Testers Wanted
We are always looking for more volunteer app testers! If you want to get your hands on pre-release apps, sign up by logging into your account today!

Grab the essentials bundle today and get a free copy of MacCleanse 5 and Alarm Clock Pro 10 when they come out, along with AirRadar 3, Data Guardian 3, and MacPilot 7.


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