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We strive to do our best in all fields — be it answering technical support, processing your sale, coding our software, designing your web site, or hosting your business. Below we've compiled a few examples of comments we have received in the past.

"I must compliment you on your customer service. You are very professional and your communication with customers is excellent. I own a great deal of software and your company is at the top as far as services. I also like your product very much." — S. A.
"I know no other company that keep updating their products in the way you do.. I Am please to be your client and want to congratulate you for an excellent work!!!" — Jorge A Diaz
"I love Koingo Software application's interface!! Nice app!!!" — PanickAtacker
"New Product from Koingo? These guys make some good apps." — Sigil
"These guys know how to develop a good, useful apps. I've purchased their bundle like 2 months ago. Was a deal!" — Tizz
"Koingo makes fantastic software. Nice UI design, easy to use, you really can't go wrong." — pazz
"This software is great!!! I love this software and the developer! In the past week they have updated so much. In other words, if it is broke then these guys will likely fix it very fast!" — wildwizard992002
"Koingo is worth trying. They have been updating their products regularly. :-)" — ian.c
"Koingo are GREAT developers. I bought all of their products plus the rights to new ones in their last $20 deal and I have been VERY happy with their software. If that deal comes around again, don't wait a second to take advantage of it!" — Dr Dave
"Nicely done once again, Koingo! You guys are really great at what you do. There are few companies I recommend as enthusiastically as Koingo. They make absolutely great stuff!" — xnedwriter
"Hello, Koingosw! A recognition for your excellence in product/updates (fixes) and service." — Marshall & Linda
"You have great customer service - I'll be sure to mention you as I talk to friends and family who are asking me about PC and/or Mac issues that they are having, or software that they might be able to use. I get a lot of questions from folks. Anyway, Thanks again - you've made a long-term customer." — Scott Smith
"best wishes and congrats on making such a wonderful product. i love people in the world who put out things that are not only functional, but esthetically pleasing." — Leta
"Excellent help file and fast support response from you- that's why I love Koingo and keep raving about you guys to anyone that will listen." — James Wills
" Looking at the app bundles, all their software was indeed written using REALbasic. Kudos for making such great looking software with RB as it is not always possible given the bugs in the past. But today's RB is a new breed and Real Software should be paying this guy to use his software as an example!" — NeoX
"The guy behind the software makes some great stuff and it's pretty amazing considering the number of apps he has out. I also own this [i bought a bundle of all his apps about a year ago] and I've used it a few times and it's pretty cool! My favorite in his collection is still the Alarm Clock Pro app, though MacPilot and Swift Share also are very cool products. He listens to his users, answers support questions and takes feedback seriously." — Vjl
"Josh makes some nice programs and his level of customer support is astounding. It is always a pleasure to deal with developers like this one." — Espiridion
"Good service which is really appreciated" — Gerard Wills
"Thanks for your good work !" — Olivier Miroux
"Thanks again for the quick customer service. Have you ever considered giving a customer service seminar to some of the other developers? Some could sure use it!" — Paul Janeczko
"Here's a quick story: I have suffered from serious fatigue for over 50 years -- and have spent the last 10 years -- searching for a solution. Finally, I found it. The answer is in a nutrition program called "The Zone Diet" by Dr. Barry Sears. In essence, the diet balances your carbohydrates, proteins and fats so that you get the proper amount of blood sugar going to your brain.It works like magic. Within 30 minutes of trying the Zone Diet, my energy shot up and -- after 50 years of fatigue -- I finally feel energetic -- consistently.

The only thing is -- to keep my energy up -- I've got to eat every 3 hours or my energy crashes and then takes many hours to bring back up. That's where Alarm Clock Pro comes in. With my otherwise busy schedule -- I own my own company -- it's easy to forget eating. And physical alarms don't work because I'd need to set 10 clocks to keep up with my schedule. So now I'm going to setup Alarm Clock Pro to remind me every 3 hours, and go about the rest of my life." — Marty Spindel
"Just wanted to let you know that, based upon my trials of a few of your apps, as well as your prompt answer to an email question, I have purchased the Utility Package, and have sent emails to many colleagues describing your products.I am so impressed with your "automatic get free codes to any new applications that we release in the future" that I am recommending the bundle to everyone." — Randy Horwitz
"Your service is phenomenal.I sent payment after 11:00 pm, and I received my license before I arrived in the office at 8:00 am. This is rare and exquisite." — Tomas Erdman
"Thanks for getting right back to me - nice to see somebody else is working as hard as I do at developing Shareware." — Mitch
"Thank you for your speedy response,it is appreciated from those of us who are not so computer literate. " — Big bear
"Thanks Josh, You are awesome." — Lorene S Romero
"I love your products! Keep up the great work!" — Sean Mansfield
"I love your apps and your commitment to updates, new features, service / support and very reasonable pricing / lifetime upgrades through your Utility Package offer. As Chairman of our 100 + member Mac User Group, I have done a demo at one of our meetings, and recommended your products repeatedly for specific member solutions at our Q&As." — Todd Lassich
"I Wanted to say thank you for such good, functional software." — Tim Lance
"Josh, you are astounding! It is a blessing to have this kind of access to your talent. I'm so deeply grateful for everything you're doing." — Marvin
"The all important "service after sale" support from this company has been perfect. I didn't have to contact them for problems with their programs (I own several others), but needed information on several occasions. Their response was immediate and always helpful." — Steven Christian
"Gratifyingly swift support from developer." — Phobic
"The developer is very responsive to bug reports, taking time to walk through the issues in detail by email. He produced a brand new release fixing a problem I was having in less than 24 hours. " — Jfmadden
"Josh,You're always working !! Best customer support I've ever seen." — Dave Cuddy
"Great! That's service!" — Glenn Herrick
"Thank you. You people are great!" — Frank
"You guys not only write some of the coolest software around, [I am a registered user of both data Guardian and MacPilot], your tech support is fast and spot on! You saved me a lot of aggravation. Thanks for the quick response." — Nicholas Opels
"I bought your bundle via MacUpdate in January and SwiftShare in May, and I really like your apps! Alarm Clock Pro comes in so handy! I hope one day Apple will bundle that with new Macs [and you get a nice paycheck from that!]. Thanks for making quality Mac software!!" — Anonymous
"Excellent website. Superb graphics and layout. GREAT idea for software and company. Look forward to trying and buying your stuff!" — Michael Sidoric
"Thank you. You people are great!" — Frank

I just felt led to drop you this little email. Your product (Alarm Clock Pro) is awesome, and I would have purchased it from anywhere. However, your service is phenomenal. I sent payment after 11:00 pm, and I received my license before I arrived in the office at 8:00 am. This is rare and, exquisite.

In short, service like this causes me to look for reasons to buy your other products, and tell others about you, if only to insure your continued success.

Thank you very much for being my tropical island in an ocean of diarrhea.

Tomas Erdman
Production Manager
Call Concepts Multimedia, Inc.
Hi to all,

I live in Houston, and am a grad student in the medical center next to the Astrodome where so many evacuees are housed. I volunteered there and can truly applaud your efforts in support of the Red Cross. But, I realize that I have never supported you by trying another software program, and that is what I am going to do today.

Good luck and keep that personal, sincere touch that has made my business with you so much a pleasure.

BTW, I have NEVER written a letter in support of a company before. That says it all.

Thanks, Jeanette
Password Retriever, by Koingo Software, is the best shareware program I have ever purchased. Founder, Josh Hoggan, does an awesome job of supporting his products. He posts regular updates when ever he makes changes. I emailed Josh one night at 11pm and within minutes he emailed me back with the answer I needed to make the program work seamlessly.

Password Retriever is a great program to save passwords and other secure information. No more post it notes, scraps of paper or notepads with my important information on them. I use this program daily. Josh emailed me simple directions so I can transfer my information from my Cube to my iBook in 2 easy steps. Now both machines are uniform and secure.

I would highly recommend Password Retriever, the support is worth every penny. Josh Hoggan puts his heart and soul into his products.

-Lorene S Romero
Past President, North Coast Mac Users Group
Member, Apple User Group Advisory Board
Apple User Group Vendor Relations